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Tell me about billing

//Tell me about billing

Tell me about billing

Do you offer daily billing?


Does the account holder pay for all the Participants on the call?


How can I get an idea of how much my conference call will cost me before hand?

Simply add up the number of minutes that the call will last and multiply it by the total number of participants and chairpersons on the call. Then multiply the result by the conference calling rate.

How can I get information on setting up a corporate account?

Please call one of our operators for creating a corporate account 973-487-4495.

I need to make only one or two calls this month and then will not need the service again. Can I still sign-up?

Yes, you can. There are no minimums. If you do not wish to use the service, you may cancel; however, since you are not charged for non-usage, we recommend you keep the number for any future need that may arise.