What times can I use your conference call services?

//What times can I use your conference call services?

What times can I use your conference call services?

Our conference call services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can use our conference call services anytime you wish without notifying us.

You will only get this type of service at AffordableConferenceCalls.com. Some companies may claim to offer a flat rate or discount pricing on reservationless conference calls, but are they hitting you with hidden costs? Not every conference calling company offers truly flat rate conference call services. Many companies bill customers for items you wouldn’t normally expect to be billed for when making an audio conference call, such as connection charges. When researching a company you might want to use for your conference services, make sure that you know what you are paying for and have all of the facts.

AffordableConferenceCall.com allows customers to choose from various conference call services, including two flat rate, reservationless options. The first conference call option is to choose a toll-free number for participants to use. Callers will dial in and enter their participant entry code when prompted.  The moderator will pick up the toll-free flat rate cost. The other option is to have a toll number for participants to use for their audio conference call. Similar to the toll-free option, callers will dial into the reservationless conference choice, enter their passcode and be admitted into the conference.

Remember, when choosing which audio conference call company to use, make sure that the discount or flat rate pricing you pay is all you pay. If you find you are paying hidden charges, contact AffordableConferenceCall.com. We offer many of the same conference call services as other quality audio conference call companies, as well as some that others do not. We feature outstanding customer service and clear invoicing. Take a couple of minutes to sign up, and experience the AffordableConferenceCall.com difference today.