Premium Conference Calling vs. Free Conference Calling

//Premium Conference Calling vs. Free Conference Calling

Premium Conference Calling vs. Free Conference Calling

When initiating a conference call, there are a number of factors that determine the quality of the call.  Premium features include advanced sound quality, a secure and private environment, operator assistance and more.  In the world of business, a conference call can be an extremely effective tool that helps achieve results,  or it can be an unreliable one that leads to embarrassing consequences.  That’s why it’s important to make the distinction between “Free” and “Premium” conference calling.

Free conference calling, while being cost effective, has a number of drawbacks when viewed alongside Premium conference calling.  One drawback is the minimalist approach taken by Free conference call companies.  They essentially provide no-frills infrastructure and service to users with low expectations, expect no customer service, dropped lines and yes…fees for toll-free access.

However, Premium conference calling companies like Affordable Conference, provide a number of useful services, such as a transcription of the call if needed and 24/7 available operator assistance.  Also available are Digital recordings of the call and playback if needed.  Resources such as these save time, money and frustration, while leading to greater success for organizations that want to impress customers.

Affordable Conference also come in handy to organizations who want to present themselves professionally to their audience.  Dropped calls are extremely rare with, while expected with free conference calling services.

Security and privacy of the calls can also be an issue, and this is why Affordable Conference guarantees that all calls are conducted on secure lines.  The reliability factor is a huge reason for choosing premium conference calling. That is why many fortune 500 Companies trust  Affordable Conference to host event calls with 1,000’s of callers.

Ultimately, a company like has more features, a more reliable interface, and more secure lines than any free conference calling service.  The price for these features is also a reasonable 2.9 cents per minute, a figure that remains regardless of how many people are on the call.