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Why Lawyers Require Premium Features With Their Conference Calling

Affordable Conference Call has been a leading provider of conference calling for the legal industry for over 20 years.  Top lawyers have come to rely on our premium services for their advanced conference calling needs.  Successful client communications require secure lines that keep conversations confidential.  When choosing a conference calling service lawyers have a number [...]


Free $20 In Conference Call Minutes For All New Sign Ups

Affordable Conference Calls is the premium conference call service for a wide range of industries. With an easy to use service, and a 24/7 expert customer service team, your conference call will always goes smoothly with ACC. We are also offering a $20 credit for your first calls with us when you sign up [...]


Features You Need With Your Conference Call Company

Discount and Free Conference calling companies traditionally offer products and services that leave customers dissatisfied. The critical nature of any conference call requires features that allow the call to be successful. Successful companies require basic features with the ability to add premium features as needed. A Company with Experience There are many reasons why a [...]


Why Use Operator-Assistance During Conference Call?

What is an Operator-Assisted Conference Call? Operator-Assisted Conference Calls are managed by well-trained operators who organize and manage conference calls every day of the week. They are highly qualified and able to manage complex calls without any issues. If you ever have a critical call, conference calling companies like Affordable Conference Call, have operators [...]


Premium Conference Calling vs. Free Conference Calling

When initiating a conference call, there are a number of factors that determine the quality of the call.  Premium features include advanced sound quality, a secure and private environment, operator assistance and more.  In the world of business, a conference call can be an extremely effective tool that helps achieve results,  or it can be [...]