Tell me about setting up a conference call

//Tell me about setting up a conference call

Tell me about setting up a conference call

What is a Reservationless Conference?

A reservationless conference call is a call that anyone can set up without having to speak to an operator. The customer signs up for an account and then is given a phone number to call, a chairperson’s entry code and an entry code to give out to the participants.

How do I start a call?

You will have everyone call the toll free or local number you received on your confirmation. The participants will enter the code that you received in your confirmation saying “Participant CEC.” The person hosting the call must use the chairperson CEC to begin the call. If the chairperson uses the wrong code, the call will not be able to start and everyone will remain on hold.

How do I end a call?

All calls are equipped with a chairperson hang up feature as a default. This is a fraud prevention measure that will disconnect all participant lines from the conference when the last chairperson line disconnects.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can have on my conference?


What if I call in late?  Will I be locked out if I don’t call in at the beginning?

You may call in to a conference call at any time. does not lock anyone out if they arrive late to the call; however, the chairperson does have the option to lock calls for security reasons.

How many conferences can I set up?  Can they happen at the same time?

There is no limit to the number of calls you can run simultaneously. However, you can only hold one conference call per set of entry codes. If you need additional conferences at the same time, you may register with us for additional entry codes.

Can I set up a recurring conference? Can I have the same dial-in number and access code every week?

An advantage of using is that our service is reservationless. You can conduct a conference call at the same time each week, without having to go through an operator. You are in total control of when your calls are scheduled. Simply inform the participants of when the calls are, have them call the assigned phone number and enter their participant entry code, and they will be admitted to the conference. Once you are assigned a number, a chairperson’s entry code and a participant entry code, you can continue using them as many times as you like.

What features are available for the conference call Chairperson?

*6 – Mute/Unmute Participant option (individuals can mute their lines) *7 – Mute/Unmute Chairperson (chairperson mutes all lines) *537 – Conference Lock (new participants can not join the call) #1 – Roll Call (play participant name recordings) #2 – Participant Count #7 – Record Conference #9 – Conference Continuation (after Chairperson leaves)

How do you handle international callers?

International callers can dial into your conference call by using a toll number. You can request this in the Sign Up area.