Premium Conference Calling As A Fantasy Sports Tool

//Premium Conference Calling As A Fantasy Sports Tool

Premium Conference Calling As A Fantasy Sports Tool

With the growth of Fantasy Sports, conference calling has become a growing tool during fantasy drafts. Fantasy football drafts are extremely popular and often involve parties that are not able to attend in person. By adding a conference call line you can help make your draft party a bigger success while keeping the draft moving quickly. Affordable Conference Calls can offer your draft party premium services, including advanced sound quality, custom greetings and real-time participation updates and moderator conference control using the ACC conference portal. How can premium conference calling help make your draft party a success:  

Allow Participants To Engage

Many drafts are composed of people that are not able to attend the live draft party.  In this situations it is often difficult to keep calling those people when their draft pick is due.  It is the number one complaint during a draft and can slow things to a halt as you explain all the previous picks. Why not have one conference calling line established and live during the entire draft.  The result is more effective communications.

Advanced Sound Quality

Rather than use Skype or Facetime, why not use advanced digital technology that provides crystal clear lines.  Our calls do not drop and there is very little background noise. If you have ever had multiple people on Skype or Facetime you are sure to notice the inconsistent quality of connected parties.  

Custom Introductions

Live conference call operators can read a custom introduction at the start of each call to convey the agenda for the event conference call.  This is a premium service.  Please call for details.

Scheduled Season Calls

During the season emotions run high and disputes are common.  What better way to manage communication than a regularly scheduled conference call.  This allows all parties to join the call from remote locations and have the opportunity to discuss any outstanding issues. If you  scheduled regular conference calls during the season it will keep league participants more engaged and keep the league more interesting.

Available 24/7 Operator Assistance

Highly trained live operators are available for premium conference calling services.  They can help organize conference calls with advanced features and needs.